Exam Preparation

' If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spendsix sharpening my axe.'

~Abraham Lincoln

The lead up to GCSE and A-Level exams can be daunting to students and many approach exam preparation in various ways.

We have identified three different types of preparation which have proved to be effective in helping the student to develop their understanding of the subject matter prior to the exam day.


Our revision course aims to alleviate stress by identifying the student's weaker areas for improvements and ensures that the student has covered and grasped all subject areas within the exam board syllabuses.


Essay Writing

Producing the perfect essay has proved to be a very challenging area when it comes to sitting exams.  Our essay writing technique course ensures that the student fully understands the question that is being asked and provides guidance and practice when it comes to essay writing.


Exam Practice

The student will work on and/or complete past papers which will be marked by the tutor according to the exam board's marking scheme.

This gives the student an opportunity to learn from valuable feedback and to improve their overall scores.  They can also familiarise themselves with mark allocations and improve their timing if they decide to complete any past papers under exam conditions.

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