Mission, Purpose and Vision

Purpose and Mission

UpReach in the Community CIC is committed to the advancement and promotion of education, art and science in the community. We provide various supplementary education services wholly or partially subsidised to those who are struggling with subjects or are at critical stages of their education and need that extra attention to help them achieve their goals.

Our mission is to:

  1. provide tuition services free of charge or at a subsidised cost;

  2. help students maximise their potential and reach their academic goals; and

  3. develop the capabilities, competences, skills and understanding of students.  

UpReach in the Community recognises that not everyone can access or even afford private tuition. We exist to provide this service to students from low income households who are unable to afford or access private tuition and who are in need of additional help with their education.


We are committed to creating and fostering positive learning environments for students, so they are able to absorb, develop, integrate with others and share ideas freely.

Our team of dedicated and specialist private tutors are experienced in relaying key concepts and theories to students at all learning levels. We ensure that our students are able to understand subject material and content, to approach exams with confidence and with the best possible chances of achieving their target grades and goals.

We provide support to schools, students and their and families by delivering a wide range of community-based courses, programmes and services.

We run revision sessions, exam and essay writing technique classes, one-to-one tuition. We provide detailed feedback on written mock and practice exams and essays. We also offer tailored and one-to-one support to underperforming students to address their attainment levels and to encourage their growth in the subject that they are finding challenging.

We pride ourselves on being an extremely flexible service and partner with other organisations to create more bespoke services to address and solve the specific hurdles and issues that identified students are facing.

Our programmes/services/projects and learning environment work in tandem to enable us to give students the support they need to enhance their educational and entrepreneurial journeys and life after education.


UpReach in the Community strives to be the organisation most recognised for developing the capabilities, competences, skills, understanding and confidence of all students. We will further seek opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with organisations which share a similar mission to UpReach in the Community. 


UpReach in the Community CIC is a Community Interest Company and a Non-for-Profit Organisation.  We are registered in England and our Company Number is 11279651.


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