Educational Improvement, Advocacy and Proxy Programme (EIAPP)

Our Educational Improvement, Advocacy and Proxy Programme (EIAPP) aims to combine private tuition, parent communication and a tailored educational development plan to ensure that the student reaches educational milestones.

We believe that parent involvement and presence at school is an important contributor for the student’s success, attainment and attendance.  We understand that not all parents can or are able to be present so we are providing an advocacy and proxy solution.  Where the student’s parent/guardian/carer is unable to attend parents evenings, meetings with the teachers etc, we will be the advocate for the student and proxy for the parent/guardian/carer in these circumstances (with the agreement of the student and parent/guardian/carer).

We are confident that a collaborative approach with the students’ school will significantly help to improve the attainment, attendance and confidence of the student leading up to vital educational milestones by: identifying the students’ challenging subjects and areas with the teachers, formulating an action plan utilising private tuition; and tracking the student’s development using the school’s internal assessment routine and the tutor’s ongoing assessment and reporting.

In addition to the weekly hourly private tuition sessions, frequent meetings with the relevant staff member at the school is also included in order to provide a service that is tailored to the student and fully incorporates learning and development outcomes. At these meetings, the student’s progress is discussed along with setting action plans to help improve the child’s development and any other important factors. The advocate and tutor will continuously monitor the student’s progress while they are with UpReach in the Community via assessments, written reports and communication with the school staff so there is a clear record of the student’s progress.

If you would like to register your interest for this opportunity and/or make an enquiry about the EIAPP please email us at and we will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements further.

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